Wong’s Fantastical Shop of Curiosities

For upper primary and lower secondary students (ages 8 and above)

My adventure began when Mister Millar gave us an assignment: “Pick a figure from Hong Kong’s history, which is significant to you.”
– Alice Beaver, Writer of Wong’s Fantastical Shop of Curiosities

Every day on her way to school, Jin walks past the same old junk shop, Wong’s Fantastical Shop of Curiosities. She doesn’t pay it much attention until she is given an assignment in school to research a local historical figure who is significant to her. Looking for inspiration, she finds herself in Wong’s, a magical shop with artifacts that, unbeknown to Jin, come to life.

Join Jin as she finds out about historical facts and little known cultural figures and enriches her knowledge of just how diverse Hong Kong’s history is.

Wong’s Fantastical Shop of Curiosities is performed by a three person cast and is ideally suited for upper primary through to secondary aged students.

What are the educational benefits of the show to my students? Wong’s Fantastical Shop of Curiosities looks at the history of Hong Kong and some of the wonderful moments and characters in the cities rich tapestry of life. The piece is a great start off point for any local history project you are maybe exploring within your class. It’s also a great way to get your students interested in theatre art and experience our professional actor's multirole and turn in to wonderful characters. It can also help achieve your school's goals of creating students who apricate the arts and understand the history of our wonderful city.

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