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Please find following the answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have any additional question or would like to clarify or inquire about anything please do call us on 2547 9114

We have groups for different ages and at different locations. Firstly select a location and a day most convenient for you. Our groups are divided according to age (and we stick firmly to this division) so select the appropriate age group for your child.
The content and theme of each term will vary from group to group. New themes will be given each term. Before workshops begin you will be sent a term schedule outlining what your child will be doing, and mid-way through the term you will be emailed a workshop report sharing some of the activities in the workshops (as well as some photos!). They may study a variety of topics including script work, set design, stage fighting, storytelling or play writing to name a few!
Our leaders create new content each term so that returning students can continue to gain a wide variety of skills and knowledge.They plan out each workshop to ensure that every workshop will be carefully tailored to the members of each group.
We are very proud of the excellent team of dedicated professionals who work for Faust. Our Group Leaders are experienced drama teachers and active drama professionals. We also have Assistant Leaders that are experienced drama enthusiasts with a strong interest in theatre and working with children. Our Student Leaders are dram students that share their passion and experience with members. Our leaders bring a wealth of expertise and passion to our workshops.
There are normally 2-3 leaders depending on the number of students, group age and venue.
The nature of drama workshops is group based and not individual therefore, it is not possible to reschedule missed workshops. In addition, every group is taught different content by different teachers.
Yes, a requirement to join our workshops is fluency in English and to reach the minimum age within the first month. This is so every student can learn maximize the learning value of workshops.
Children join with or without drama experience. Our leaders will support new learners to participate fully in the workshops.
The courses explore activities that challenge new comers and existing members. It’s an individual learning experience and our leaders are able to observe the mixed levels within each group. Every child has different opportunities to learn new techniques and experience an array of activities.
Yes, of course. As we like to start our workshops on time it is often best to chat to the leader at the end of the workshop. Alternatively you may also call or email us at the office if you have any questions and concerns about your child and we will pass onto the leader and respond appropriately.
For our term time prgrogrammes, you save more when you sign up for multiple terms. Also, a subsequent sibling can get 10% discount if they register.
All workshops will be cancelled in the event of Typhoon Signal No.8 or higher, or black rain warning if hoisted at 7.00am for morning workshops and 12.00 noon for afternoon workshops. No refunds, make up classes or credit notes will be made in this case.

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Yes, as long as your child is the right age! Many children choose this option as it is a great way to get the mind and body engaged and creative! Wherever possible we schedule workshops so children can do both programmes in one day.
For Creative Writing, an outline will be given on the Friday before the course. This is to ensure that students who join for subsequent weeks can study new courses and avoid repetition. Examples can be given on request.

For Holiday Theatre, we have a wide variety of scripts, theme and content to choose from. Many of our students return for multiple weeks and so we have a bank of scripts and themes available to choose from. The leaders want to meet the students first before deciding on a topic or theme that would be appropriate for all to avoid repetition. The leaders will also inform the students on the second day. Parents receive a midweek updated about our progress and are invited to see what the children have learnt and rehearsed at the open session on the final day of the course.
For children who have completed our regular workshops during the rest of the year, holiday theatre represents a chance to continue learning about drama in a slightly more relaxed setting. The holiday workshops are a unique experience as it is a one week intensive programme rather than a meeting once a week for ten weeks. It is also good for children to work with other members, to try something different and to maybe have a different leader as well.

We also update our content and stories, allowing children to return for multiple weeks. There will inevitably be some repetition of popular exercises but in our experience Faust students still benefit and they may find a different interpretation on a skill or develop their abilities still further.
All students will get writing assignments that they must complete before the following day. Time constraint will be factored in so the exercises will not require too much time to complete.
Yes, we offer 10% early bird discount for our holiday programmes. Once this deadline is passesd there are also ‘Loyalty Rates’ that can be available for those who sign up for more than one week or more than one sibling. Discounts cannot be combined.

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