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Student Leaders

We’re very proud of our excellent team of dedicated professionals who work for Faust. They bring a wealth of experience to each workshop benefiting all involved.

Lauren Nellas – Student Leader
Lauren is currently a university student at Hong Kong Adventist College studying Psychology. She is very passionate about the Performing Arts and is always eager to share her passion with the youth. She joined Faust in 2018 and has been helping out with workshops, Faust Festivals and other productions since. She is a very creative and dedicated person. She enjoys the company of children and she loves having a great time with them.

Marc Rooney – Student Leader
Marc has just graduated from South Island School, having done IB. He is planning on taking a gap year and is intending to spend much of it working with Faust. Marc has only been in Faust’s Stage Group for a year, but is nevertheless extremely grateful for all of the things he has learned both about Drama and Performing Arts, as well as about himself. He is very excited to be working with Faust over his gap year, as he ponders about what he will do next at University. Marc is very keen to pick up new and transferable skills through his experiences with Faust and assist in passing those on to children in Hong Kong and beyond.

Leanne Jackson – Student Leader
Leanne is a high school student studying at Shatin College. She has participated in all sorts of productions – from contemporary musicals like Wicked to classic dramas like Shakespeare's Richard III – throughout her life. She has worked with proficient theatre makers from all around the world and is passionate about spreading love for the arts. She grew up in a family with a lot of kids and considers herself very fluent in the language of the children. She is constantly fascinated on how young minds are able to reinterpret stories and make them uniquely theirs.

Annabelle Leung – Student Leader
Annabelle is a currently a freelance performer and is an avid musical theatre thespian. Recent graduate of the HKAPA EXCEL Musical Theatre BTEC Level 4 Certificate. She has performed in multiple local theatre shows since the age of 16. She also taught kids for over a year between the ages 2 to 15 and is excited to be a student leader with Faust. Her passion is acting, singing and dancing, and wishes to share the passion.

Chloe Tai – Student Leader
Chloe is currently in her second year of the International Baccalaureate diploma at Creative Secondary School. She is very passionate about theatre and hopes to pass her love for the art on to the children she works with. This is her second year working with Faust now and is very eager to see what exciting events this year has installed.

Anna Rose Fay – Student Leader
Anna has loved theatre for as long as she can remember. She joined Faust in 2015 and has taken part in four Faust festivals and two Faust productions. She has also taken part in school shows including Annie Jr in 2018. Anna is currently studying higher level theatre to further enhance her passion for drama. She loves every part of performance and she is excited to become a student leader at Faust and can't wait to pass the joy of theatre on to younger students.

Asher Berman – Student Leader
Asher is a student at Elsa High School. He is very passionate about Theatre Arts and Drama. He joined Faust in January 2016 and has loved it since he joined. Asher has been in multiple Faust productions such as The Jungle Book, Servant of Two Masters and most recently he played the Father in Nutcracker: The Play. He wants to continue his love for acting after high school and attend a drama school in England where he can continue his acting skills.

Reeshma Mohamed – Student Leader
Reeshma is in her final year in Marymount Secondary School. She has lived in Hong Kong her whole life and developed a passion for the performing arts. Watching several dramas and taking part in some has greatly peaked her interest. Her experience in leading school clubs not only taught her leadership skills but taught her the bliss of teaching children. She looks forward to learning and growing with Faust whilst appreciating the beauty of the performing arts.

Carina Chatlani – Student Leader
Carina is currently studying IB Theatre at Li Po Chun United World College. She has been pursuing theatre from a young age, and her interest in theatre has grown immensely over the years. Carina has participated in variety of shows, in school, with Faust, and independently as well. She hopes to expand her knowledge of theatre. She is extremely excited to share her love for theatre with younger students!

Precious Adams – Student Leader
Precious discovered her interest for theatre since primary school participating in inter-school drama competitions and exams. She loves being on stage whether when she is singing, dancing or acting. She participated in a graduation musical theatre show at HKAPA. Through theatre she gained a lot of confidence and developed her stage presence. She hopes to share her love of drama and musical theatre here with the kids at Faust.

Juana Sarenas – Student Leader
Born in Hong Kong, Juana has enjoyed the arts from a young age, participating in musicals in both primary and secondary schools when given the chance. Alongside that, she has always worked teaching dance, visual arts, communication and musical theatre to children, which helped stimulate her love for the creative side of the teaching world. As an enthusiastic and passionate teacher, she brings an energy to her classes and an excellent work ethic; and with her years as both a teacher and teaching assistant, Juana has developed strong interpersonal skills as well as a sense of her teaching style with children. She works enthusiastically with any age group and has had years of experience teaching children from two to fifteen years old, honing her skills and characteristics as a teacher ever since she started working.

Liam McEwan – Student Leader
Liam was born in Scotland and moved to Hong Kong at a young age. He is in his final year of high school in Sha Tin College while taking a BTEC in musical theatre at the HKAPA. From his time in high school, he has grown to have a love and passion for all forms of theatre and a deep appreciation for it as an art form. For two consecutive years now, Liam has assisted in drama classes and school productions teaching in Po Leung Kuk school and he has recently joined Faust.

Veerliene Uiterwaal – Student Leader
Veerliene joined Faust in 2008 and has enjoyed it ever since. She has experience with onstage and backstage theatre and has loved being part of numerous Faust shows such as Midsummer Night’s Dream and Pinocchio. Veerliene is further working on theatre in the IB and enjoys playing piano on the side. Through Faust, she has gained a lot of confidence and developed a strong love for performing. She hopes to share her love of drama with the kids at Faust and is eager to do Faust workshops with everyone.

Mary Dunne – Student Leader
Mary has loved being a part of Faust ever since she joined in 2016. She is currently studying IB HL Theatre, having previously studied Drama in the IGCSE and regularly takes part in drama productions in school. She has enjoyed being a part of multiple wonderful Faust productions, some of which are James and The Giant Peach, Peter Pan and The Secret Garden. She loves working with kids just as much as acting and she is very excited to be doing workshops at Faust.

Roisin Harder – Student Leader
Roisin Harder, is currently studying at South Island School and has been a member of Faust since 2015. She has enjoyed drama since primary school, having been in many school productions and loved every aspect of them. Next year, she hopes to be studying IB Theatre which she is excited about. What she has particularly loved about being in Faust is the atmosphere, the opportunity to make more friends and having fun while learning and developing new drama skills and she looks forward to giving the younger members of Faust the same experience. Roisin is very much looking forward to working with the younger members of Faust and making it as enjoyable for them as it is for her!

Stan Oates – Student Leader
Stan is 16 years old and is currently in year 12 at South Island School. He joined Faust in 2018 and has been loving every moment of it. Stan studied drama at IGCSE, which boosted his love for acting and performance. He is studying theatre at a higher level for his IB. He has been in two of his most recent school plays, which he thoroughly enjoyed, and even more recently, he was a part of Stage group’s ‘The Crucible’. He is very excited to work at Faust and see what new experiences it brings.

Sissi Xizi Yu – Student Leader
Sissi has been enjoying and learning drama with Faust since she was 4 years old. She has participated in numerous Faust productions playing a variety of roles such as Hippolyta in Midsummer Night’s Dream, Dragonfly in Peter Pan and Wendy and Ladybug in James and the Giant Peach. She loves teaching kids as much as she loves theatre and she is very eager to do Faust workshops with everyone.

Vyapti Wadhwaney – Student Leader
Vyapti is currently a Y13 student at Renaissance College. She discovered she has passion and growing interest in performing arts from a young age. She has performed in many productions and have worked with young students as well and she looks forward to working with young students in the performing arts because she believes it is very rewarding to see what young minds can come up with in the creative atmosphere.

Yashvi Avasti – Student Leader
Yashvi is currently a Year 13 student in Discovery College. She has been passionate about drama ever since she was introduced to theatre. to Faust International through a workshop. She has taken part and acted in my school’s annual productions, I have also been a secretary and a former member of the drama club, where we took part in the English Drama fest. Working as a student leader at Faust has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone, I enjoy working with kids and seeing how they use their creativity when acting.

Isabella Bhavani – Student Leader
Isabella, born and raised in Hong Kong, is a language enthusiast in her second year of English studies. She is passionate in helping young students discover themselves and grow to their full potentials through Art. As a part of her high school’s student union, she was given the opportunity to assist in holding events such as talent contests, which allowed students to showcase themselves from various acts, ranging from musical performances, to drama. She had also volunteered as an English tutor for children, and enjoyed every moment spent with her students. Isabella hopes to continue sharing her love of learning at Faust!

Nazir Khawaja – Student Leader
Nazir is at his final year at South Tuen Mun Government Secondary School. He has been involved in numerous drama productions in his school and says he enjoys acting with all his heart. Actually, he used to be a very shy person and is comfortable being behind the drapes. After starring in multiple plays, he claims that acting is now natural to him. Therefore, he encourages anyone and everyone to start acting since it is a confidence-booster. Most importantly, he is looking forward for a wonderful time at Faust and hopes to share his burning passion of acting to the children.

Sammi Choi – Student Leader
Sammi is a theatre enthusiast and has performed in many productions in Hong Kong. She has taught drama to young children and has assisted in Faust Festival Productions like Guided by the Stars and The Tempest. Ever since she was little, she has been captivated by theatre and is very excited to be working with the amazing children here at Faust.

Faith Ma – Student Leader
Faith, born and raised in Hong Kong, is a drama and dance enthusiast since she was 2 years old. She finished IGCSE drama and is currently doing BTEC drama. She has performed in many dances and theatre shows and has experienced doing backstage work. Faith is always looking forward to sharing her love for the performing arts with the children at Faust.

Leandre Lichtenstein – Student Leader
Léandre has been with Faust since a young age, participating in numerous Faust Festival plays and later joining other Faust productions. It has always been delightful to attend stage group which last three plays have shaped a conscious sprouting in him. He is thankful for being able to teach and learn alongside an amazing set of teachers. Apart from theater, Léandre is vastly interested in arts and literature. Through teaching he is learning fresh set of skills that he intends to maintain and develop. Drama has been an integral part of his learning and growing. He has always felt welcome at Faust and he hopes to pass on what he has learnt to younger generations.

Poppy Brian-Boys – Student Leader
Poppy Brian-Boys has been a member of Faust since she was 6 years old and has enjoyed it ever since. She has been performing all her life. She has studied Drama at IGCSE level and is now studying higher level Theatre. She has assisted and acted on several Faust productions including Lord of the Flies and Peter Pan and Wendy. Poppy enjoys every aspect of performing and hopes to share and encourage all faust students.

Audrey Corno – Student Leader
Audrey absolutely loves the performing arts, drama and dance especially, and hopes to bring that passion with her in the studio. She has been participating in numerous in-school productions and found theatre to be an excellent confidence-building activity. She has a particular interest in lighting and the visual aspects of a theatre performance. Audrey is looking forward to a wonderful term at Faust and to gain such valuable experience as a performer.